Thursday, May 3, 2012

Goal 1: To provide to Joomla users an easy way to add the language packages while installing Joomla

The first Goal of the project is to provide an easy way to add the language packages while installing Joomla. Please watch the following video:

As you can see in the video, Joomla users can install and use Joomla in their own language. Sadly, there are still some steps that need to be done in English. Specifically after installing Joomla on the server, users must navigate in English through the Joomla Administration until they find the installer that allows them to add their preferred language package. This represents a language barrier for some users.
There are different solutions:

Solution 1

This could be solved by adding a new screen in the step-by-step Joomla installation application. Check the following proposal:

Primarily this option adds a new screen/step in the installation process of Joomla!

Solution 2

The other option to solve the issue could be to add a checkbox in the first screen of the Joomla installation:

What Joomla Installation Application will do if the checkbox is active is explained in the following video:

Please add your comments about Solution 1, Solution 2 or add other solutions that you can find to solve the proposed goal.


  1. I find the second solution very easy for end-users. Better than the first one.


  2. The second solution is much better than the first one (on my own opinion). The user select the language he wants, Joomla download it if nedeed and install it. Then Joomla installation continue with this new language : amazing and just logical !

    Have fun and good luck for this huge job !

  3. Since my first days with joomla, I assumed solution 2.

    I think you can even remove the checkbox.


    1. mmm I think that the checkbox should be there informing what will happen. Anyway would you agree it the checkbox appears checked by default?

  4. hello, I have a new idea.
    You would seem to have 2 lists, one with all available languages​​, and the other languages ​​installed, and add or remove buttons, thus you can have the language "English" installed by default and adding the language you want additionally installed.
    It is obvious that the second list, the list of installed lenguages ​​must-be able order, or mark which is the default language.
    Thank you.


    1. But then you think that it doesn't matter to have two screens very similar? I mean the one for "choosing the language for installation" and the other to "install languages"?

      Thanks Dypsys for your feedback.

  5. I like solution 2 as well :)


  6. Hi,

    I Actually like the first idea more, because if the process is "Installation" then might as well get the installation of other languages over in the installation process, and then in the administration be able to set your default language.

    Now if you choose the 2nd option, there should be an option available in the administration console, where the user can later install other languages, without having to look in the internet for the package, and then upload and install the zip file. this would be handy.

    thanks and congrats :)

    Marianela Queme

    1. Thanks Marianela,

      I have also a proposal for the "administration console" complementing this first one. Check this post please:

      What do you think then?

  7. The simplest solution; Solution 2 ;)

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  9. the solution 2 is better, and as I mentioned before, after installing the language is removed the other languages

    la solucion 2 es mejor, y como ya lo mencionan antes, despues de instalar el idioma se eliminen los demas idiomas

  10. From the two presented solutions I prefer Solution number 1, i like the possibility to extend numbers of installed languages from the start.

    Hope you don't mind that I suggest a solution number 3.
    Im thinking like this. If the language in web browser is used to match the language during the installation - is there anytime a need to switch to another language during installation. I would say in 99%, no.

    Therefor i'm thinking to a more forceful way to name step 1 for "Start", with a preset language and the other option to switch to an other language more "hidden" in a drop-down - see image (don't mind it says step7, it's step 1)

    And the use solution 2, where users can add more language in step 7. If the option for language switch during installation is more hidden, it's shouldn't be so confusing to step 7.

    Maybe a bit offtopic but if you have time, read my blog post about installing language from the backend

    It would be great if this project could expand to also include "How could users also install language later on (after installation) from Joomla backend"

    I really like this project, keep up the good work. :)

    1. Thanks Sweup ^_^

      Actually I don't trust much in the browser language. I use to travel a lot and usually I use computers that are not mine, so I have many issues with the language autodetection. I also have my browsers in english even when I use to read in spanish. Anyway, I agree that the browser language has a big percentage of possibilities to be the chosen language.

      I like your idea to allow "as optional" to install more than one language... I will think o it.

      I have read your article. Very interesting, thank you very much for your imput.


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