Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Goal 2: To provide an easy way to install new laguage packages or update those already installed

The second goal of the project is to provide an easy way to install new language packages or update those already installed. Please watch the following video:

For this second issue I will add a new feature to the “Administrator interface”, both in the “Extension manager component” and in the “Language manager application”.

Proposed solution

The solution to accomplish this goal will be similar to the the installer component that “Square One CMS” (a Joomla distribution) has in its core:

Please add your comments and feedback to this proposed solution. Thanks ^_^


  1. That's the way it should work. Nice :-)

    No sense to go to joomla website, search, forget what you were searching....

    Maybe it's important to show language short description.

    Does the system use scrapping to get language information?


    Roberto Segura

    1. Thanks Roberto,

      It doesn't do scrapping. Actually what it does is to read xml manifest files on a address, for example http://update.joomla.org. Those Manifest files have the information of the packages.

      What would you add in a language short description? can you write an example?

      Thanks again


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