Thursday, June 21, 2012

Help to test the Language Installer tool for Joomla!

Hello, Do you want to help test the installer language for Joomla?
Thanks ^_^

The task will not take long and you will be helping to improve software quality.

As you may know what you are going to test is the first part of my Google Summer of Code 2012 project. A language installer for Joomla!. This first part of the project only affects to the Administrator of Joomla!.

For testing purpose I have prepared a "special distribution of Joomla 2.5.6" that includes the new functionality. You can download this distribution from the following link:

Once downloaded, you must unzip, upload to your server and install on your server as if it were a normal Joomla (not as an extension).

Then, make sure it works correctly by following the steps shown in the following video:

Thank you for testing the application. Please share the results of your testing experience in the comments of this post.

Thanks ^ _ ^


  1. Worked perfect for me... congratulations... I did not have any problem... it just worked...

    1. Thank you Paulo,

      What was your enviroment: Local server? what OS?

      Thanks again

    2. It was on Local server, Win7, WAMP, PHP 5.3

  2. Work fine for me, except missing icon in toolbar icon-32-extension.png (it exist but file is corrupted, so maybe the problem is my download)
    Everything else go OK.
    My configuration: zip file downloaded from here, localhost on usbwebserver8, database version 5.5.20, database collation utf8_general_ci, PHP version 5.3.9, Web Server Apache/2.2.21 (Win32).
    Nice work, I wait for official release with included this handy tool :)

    1. Thanks Strumjan, you are right the file is corrupted. It was my mistake ^_^

      I have just released a new package with the right version of the image. The link in the post now points to the new package.

  3. Install icon missing in lang manager

    List lang - good
    purge - good
    find - good
    install single lang - good
    install multiple lang - good

    Language strings not great english ;) - happy to help you on that

    In the list of languages you currently hide the installed languages. Would it not be better to display ALL the languages but disable the languages already installed

    1. Thanks Brian for testing ^_^

      you are right the icon file was corrupted. It was my mistake ^_^ I have just released a new package with the right version of the image. The link in the post now points to the new package.

      Indeed I would love to hear your recommendations for the language string names. Can we do it on Skype?

      I'm also happy to debate via Skype your proposal of disable the installed langs. ^_^

      Thanks again.

    2. Skype is fine you have my contact

    3. I have been working on that:
      In the list of languages you currently hide the installed languages. Would it not be better to display ALL the languages but disable the languages already installed

      But there is a problem to do what you suggest:
      The JUpdater only get those updates for extensions that needs to be updated. I cheat the JUpdater to get the list of langs that are not yet installed but once I install them the JUpdates make them dissapear from the #_updates table. Why? because JUpdater checks if there is any update for that lang, since there isn't because I have just installed it makes it dissapear.

      I can do another query based in languages an get the once I have installed, buuuut I'm not going to get the details like: details_url or version, so it won't fit in the table list... and actually is not much useful for the user.. What do you think?

  4. My environment was XAMPP on OSX
    php 5.3.6
    mysql 5.5.9

  5. Hi Javier,

    Your project worked perfectly for me too. I am on Windows 7 and I installed on localhost with XAMPP. It took about 2 seconds to install 2 languages.

    Great work, I hope this will be accepted into the Joomla core, it can be an important way to help people use Joomla better all over the world!

    Thank you for your good work on this project, and also to your mentors and Joomla's GSoC administrators, and also to Google for their financial and organizational support!

    Best regards,


    1. Thanks Paul for your help testing the project. ^_^

  6. Thank you Paulo, very Good and perfect

    1. You meant Javier ^_^

      Thanks to you for testing. What was your testing enviroment?

  7. So it worked fine for me as well. It took about 15 seconds to install the English(US) And the German languages. I don't know why it took that long but it may due to the intermittent connection I have today. But other than that it worked just fine. I'm using WAMPSERVER with Apache version 2.2.21, MySQL version 5.5.20 and PHP version 5.3.10. Great Job Javier!!! Will be waiting for the official release.

    1. Thanks Mu'uz, I should maybe send some message to the user that the installation can take a while.... mmm I just don't know how could be a good way to do that. Any idea?

    2. Maybe a one-line message before download begins stating that download and install may take about 4 seconds or more depending on server environment and internet connection speed.

      *(4 seconds being the fastest speed at which everything has been able to complete)

      You don't also have to be specific as to how long it should take... maybe say a few seconds.

  8. Hi Javier,

    It worked great for me on my local Xubuntu machine (PHP 5.3.10, Database version 5.5.24, Collation utf8_general_ci,Apache/2.2.22).

    I did notice that the COM_INSTALLER_languages_FILTER_SEARCH_DESC language string seems undefined and that INSTALL_LANGUAGES did not get translated on the back-end when switching to Traditional Chinese.

    That's it. You are doing an awesome job!

    1. Wow!!! you are a Rockstar, I didn't tried to test it in Chinese! Actually since those strings are not in Joomla! yet it haven't been translated to other languages than english. I will need the help of the Translation Team to do so.

      I will check what happens with COM_INSTALLER_languages_FILTER_SEARCH_DESC.

      Thanks very much. ^_^

  9. Thanks Javier!

    This works very well.
    Tested by selecting the Danish and German language packs, and they installed in like 10 seconds at my localhost test setup.

    Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks Ole for testing ^_^

      Even when 10 seconds is good time, I'm afraid that user can not understand why it takes so long. I need to think how to send a message to the user like: "it can take time to process, please wait".

      Any suggestion on how to do it?

  10. Forgot to mention testing specs.: Apache 2.2.11/PHP 5.3.0/MySQL 5.1.36

    Q: Even if it is outside the scope of this specific project, has it then been considered to connect these registered languages to the main joomla installation proces also?
    For non-english speakers, installing joomla in their detected language, it could be of great help to have a final message saying 1.'You are using THISLANGUAGE, would you like to install the language pack?'Tickbox
    2. Should THISLANGUAGE be default? Tickbox
    That would allow any user of any of the supported languages to have a fully native first time joomla experience.

    Well, thinking loud. Could be your next project :)

    1. You are right, indeed is in the scope of the project, check the second part of the project in that video:

      Does this fits in your idea?

    2. Excellent. You already had exactly this in mind. Should have followed your blogs closer.

      Keep it up :)

  11. Works fine for the German translation, too. Your are right, to install a language takes ca. 4 sec.

    My environment: localhost with XAMPP, Apache 2.2.21 (Win32), PHP 5.3.8, MySQL 5.5.16

    Keep up the great work

    1. Thanks Jan for testing.

      Good to know that it works. At least in MySQL seems to work without problems, now I need to find someone to test it in SQLServer enviroment. If someone reading this comment knows someone with a Microsoft enviroment, please ask him to test it ^_^

  12. Installed 2 language packs took 07 seconds
    No errors, no problems

    Hosting Server 1 and 1
    MySQL Version 5.0.92
    PHP Version 5.4.4
    Web Server Apache
    Joomla! Version Joomla! 2.5.6
    User Agent Firefox/13.0.1

    1. Thanks Biz for testing. I think you are one of the first test not in localhost. That is awesome!!! ^_^

  13. Not tested myself (yet) but looked at the video and I have two suggestion:

    1) Add a column with the language tag in the 'Install languages' screen. I know that the tag (like es-ES) is visible when you look at the xml URL, but a sortable column would be helpful. So another column with the ISO code of the language package. It will make it easier if you don't know the exact language name but know the ISO code you're looking for.

    2) After installation the message "Installing package was successful". I suggest to change it into something like "Installing Spanish language package was successful". This even more helpful when it fails, so you know what language failed. This may something more related to the Joomla installer itself.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Answer to 1)

      This is the data that we have in the update server: . It has sense for you if i use the "element" parameter resulting it in element="pkg_es-ES"?

      I could then later allow to search-filter by that column appart from "name".

      What do you think?

      2) I totally agree, I will investigate.

  14. Tested on my local WAMP server. Apache/2.2.22 (Win64), PHP/5.3.13, MySQL 5.5.24-log.

    It took 16 sec to install two languages, probalby becasuse its depend my internet connection. On the language list I can't found hungarian (magyar), but it is an alpha, right? :)

    Nice work!


    1. Thanks for testing. 16 seconds is quite a lot. :(

      I see that there is a translation team for Hungarian But you are right that the Magyar lang is not already in the translation server. Maybe they need a bit of help. Why don't you contact with the team in the Hungarian forum: or directly to the coordinator József Tamás Herczeg (

      thanks Sándor

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hello,

    Nice job, Javier.
    Tested on an localhost OpenSuse 11.4 LAMP with Apache 2.2.17 / PHP 5.2.14 / MySQL 5.1.53

    Intstall 7 languages in 21 sec., no prob !
    - Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian (all on the first page)

    Don't know how it can be useful and possible, but 'filters' and 'sort functions' will be appreciate (lang_code, RTL ... ?)

    I'm not sure, but it seems that the first installed language (default) is still in the "Install languages" list ?! and only disappear when we install it a second time.

    Good luck for this summer ;)

    1. Hi Marc, thanks for dedicating your time to test it.

      I have a few questions for you:

      1- You said things about sorting and filtering. But there are already the possibility to sort by column name and id, and there is also the option to search. What else would you like to see?

      2- What do you mean with the installed language by default? the default installed language is the english and you should not see it in the list. Can you explain it in deep.

      Thanks so much.

  17. Tested with spanish [es-ES] and Scottish Gaelic [gd-GB] (Scottish Gaelic is an "Site-Only" case) language packs: Aprox 10 seconds to install both and without issues detected.

    My Enviroment:
    PHP instalado sobre: Linux valc-laptop 2.6.32-41-generic #90-Ubuntu SMP Tue May 22 11:29:51 UTC 2012 x86_64
    Versión de la base de datos 5.1.63-0ubuntu0.10.04.1
    Cotejamiento de la base de datos utf8_general_ci
    Versión de PHP 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.17
    Servidor web Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu)
    Interfaz de PHP apache2handler
    Versión de Joomla! Joomla! 2.5.6 Stable [ Ember ] 19-June-2012 14:00 GMT
    Versión de la plataforma de Joomla! Joomla Platform 11.4.0 Stable [ Brian Kernighan ] 03-Jan-2012 00:00 GMT
    Agente del usuario Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:13.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/13.0.1


  18. Hi Javi,
    Great work. I am tested in our testserver, it is working fine. And i was testing it with ACL, and it's not problem but may be suggestion. Let me explain what it i did:
    Login in the backend as Admin.
    1. Created a group called 'Backend Manager'
    2. In global config permission only gave the group to 'Allowed' to Admin Login
    3. Created a user for the group
    4. In the Special Access View i Checked 'Backed Manager' group
    5. Now i went to 'Language manager: Installed Languages' options and setup permissions for 'Backend Manager' all are allowed.
    6. Now i log out and login as that new user i just created.
    7. I can see the 'Language manager' but can't install any language.

    I think although it has all the previlages in the Language manager, it is still dependent on Extensions Manager's permission level.

    And my suggestion is that, If i give a user to all the privileges in Language (without any extensions manager right)then he/she also should have the right to install new languages, is't it?

    It's a suggestions only.
    Again good work.
    Ricky D'Cruze

    1. Thanks Ricky,

      I have to test what you mentioned. And your proposal is very interesting.

      My thought is that installing and uninstalling is a feature for admins so is totally dependant on Exension Managers permission level. Why? because if I want a user to be able to translate the site to some languages, I (as and admin) can install the languages he/she needs. And then the user will be able to translate all the site. If I allow the user to install languages, this user should be understanded as an admin, and should be able to install other things like extensions, etcétera. Do you agree?

  19. Yes I agree with you.
    But think of a big system where there can be many admins. To use the full flexibility of joomla 2,5 ACL, we should think all possibility. You never know situations can come that one admin only to install languages.
    But it's a suggestions only.
    Good work again.

  20. installed as suggested but languages list for installation is not available.


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